EZ-Kote, Inc.
The World's Leader in Semi-Permanent
 Water-Based Mold Release Agents
EZ-Kote M Series
The 21st century solution for mold release applications utilizing state of the art
semi-permanent water based technology...
EZ-Kote M Series Product Overview:
The EZ-Kote M Series is a non-transferring and environmentally friendly water-based mold release. EZ-Kote releases the molded product easily, allowing for immediate mold prep which aids in decreasing shot cycle time. The EZ-Kote M Series is available in several formulations to meet the most exacting needs in mold release applications. The M Series is formulated for metal molds including aluminum or steel. Their use with elastomer molds yields clean release and extended mold life.
M1, M2Q1 and M3 are available in both spray and aerosol.

M Series highlights:
  • M1 is used on all rigid foam applications including taxidermy foams and architectural foams.
  • M2Q1 is used on both the urethane midsole and outsole shoe soles where perfect cosmetics, paintability, low gloss, and bondability are important.
  • M3 is used on all urethane cast elastomers such as tires or gaskets.
  • M6 is used on composites and integral skin applications including automotive interior dashboards, steering wheels, air bag covers, arm rests, etc. M6 can also be used on all integral skin molded parts such as headrests and seats for exercise machines.
  • Prevents mold build-up, allowing molds to stay cleaner up to 10 times longer.
  • Reduces downtime between applications by providing a clean release.
  • Contains no VOC's * Helps reduce cycle time * Effective with integral skin foam and rigid foams * Releases all reinforced plastics and composites.

Product Specifications:
Click here for M Series Safety Data Sheet