EZ-Kote, Inc.
The World's Leader in Semi-Permanent
 Water-Based Mold Release Agents
The 21st Century solution for mold release applications utilizing state of the art,
semi-permanent water-based technology for TPU and PVC.
EZ-Kote PVC Product Overview:
EZ-Kote PVC is a non-transferring and environmentally friendly, water-based mold release.  EZ-Kote PVC releases the molded parts easily, allowing for immediate mold prep which aids in decreasing shot cycle time.
EZ-Kote PVC is available in several formulations to meet the most exacting needs in mold release applications.  The PVC is formulated for metal molds including aluminum or steel.  PVC gives a low gloss finish to the molded part and is excellent for RIM molding where paintability and bondability are achievable without post part cleaning.
EZ-Kote PVC Advantages:
  • Prevents mold build-up, allowing molds to stay cleaner up to 10 times longer.
  • Reduces downtime between applications by providing a clean release.
  • Contains no VOC’s.
  • Helps reduce cycle time. Fastest drying water based agent on the market
  • Is effective with Integral Skin Foam and Rigid Foams.
  • Releases All PVC and Urethane Elastomers .
EZ-Kote Application Guidelines:
1.  The Mold surface must be thoroughly clean and dry.  Clean the mold with a proper cleaning agent to remove the existing mold release and contaminants.
2.  Apply one to three coats of EZ-Kote to the mold.  If the mold is warm, immediate drying will occur.  For cooler mold temperature applications, blow-dry with a suitable air source.  If plant air is not moisture-free, extra care must be taken to assure that the film is dry.
3.  For molds in production, use super-fine spray atomization.  Apply a minimal coat from three directions and allow the film to completely dry.  This should take only seconds.
Product Specifications:
Click here for PVC Safety Data Sheet