EZ-Kote, Inc.
The World's Leader in Semi-Permanent
 Water-Based Mold Release Agents
EZ-Kote RS2
  The 21st Century solution for all silicone rubber mold release applications featuring an unmatched level of slip, mold cleanliness, and maximum releases.
EZ-Kote RS2 Product Overview:
EZ-Kote RS2 is a state-of-the-art, water-based, 100% fluoropolymer semi-permanent mold release agent designed specifically for silicone rubber injection and compression molding applications. RS2 contains no PTFE and gives a perfect  finish to the molded part.
EZ-Kote RS2 is the first release that will release all rubber compounds and provides a cleaner finished product, less scrap and more pulls per mold for superior cost savings.
EZ-Kote RS2 Advantages:
  • Prevents build-up, allowing molds to stay cleaner up to 10 times longer.
  • Provides unsurpassed ease of release and multiple pull capabilities.
  • Offers easy application with a simple one-step process and instant curing.
  • Provides more durability and better ease of release than PTFE release agents.
  • RS2 allows a greater number of releases (over 300 heats) for silicone rubber without knit lines or bond failures than any other release agent.
EZ-Kote Application Guidelines:
1.  The Mold surface must be thoroughly clean and dry.  Clean the mold with a proper cleaning agent to remove the existing mold release and contaminants.
2.  Apply one coat of RS2 to the mold at full strength from three directions.
If the mold is warm, immediate drying will occur.  For cooler mold temperature applications, blow-dry with a suitable air source.  If plant air is not moisture-free, extra care must be taken to assure that the film is dry.
3.  For molds in production, use super-fine spray atomization.  Apply a minimal coat from three directions and allow the film to completely dry. The RS2 can be diluted with water for touch-up if fine spray atomization is not available.  
Product Specifications:
Click here for RS2 Safety Data Sheet